Address: Izumi-chuo, Izumi-ku, Sendai City Transportation: Izumi-chuo Station on the Namboku Subway Line Office for rent

T3683 Small office 2 min walk from Izumi-chuo station.

2-minute walk from Izumi-chuo Station on the Namboku Subway Line


Introducing Small Office

Low running costs with offices under 100,000 yen for rent and management fees combined.

This property is ideal for new business startups or new store openings in the Sendai area.

There are 1R type and 1K type rooms available.

This is room 01, 1R type.

This is room 02, 1R type.

This is room 03, 1K type.

Each room has a private bath and toilet.

In addition, the air conditioner has been replaced with a new one.

There are many restaurants in the neighborhood, convenient for lunch, etc.


There is a flat parking lot on the premises, but the number of spaces is limited, so please confirm availability.

Mini: 11,000 yen, Regular: 12,000 yen/month (tax not included)


Easy to commute to work as it is located 2 minutes from Izumi-chuo Station.

It will be one of the appealing points for new employees.


Web preview available!

1 Izumi-chuo, Izumi-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Line Nearest Station
2-minute walk from Izumi-chuo Station on the Namboku Subway Line
Rent (yen)
Room 401: 65,000 yen Room 703: 74,000 yen
Management fee (common service fee) (yen)
Room 401: 10,000 yen Room 703: 15,000 yen
Security Deposit (Deposit)/Reikin (Months)
Room 401: 2 and 0 months Room 703: 200,000 yen, 0 month
Unit price per tsubo (yen/tsubo)
Room 401: 8,678 yen Room 703: 8,132 yen
Room 401: 24.75m2 7.49tsubo Room 703: 30.08 m2, 9.1 tsubo

Consumption tax not included

【Facilities of this property, etc.】

Machine Guard
New earthquake-proof
OA Floor
Visiting Office
Bicycle parking lot
24-hour use


In case of any discrepancy between the drawings and the current conditions, the current conditions will take precedence.

Amount required at time of contract Room 401. Monthly required amount
Advance rent (rent + management fee, etc.) [in the case of Room 702]. 75,000 rent 65,000
+ (security) deposit 130,000 + administrative expenses 10,000
+ key money 0  
+ brokerage fee 65,000  
+ rental guarantee fee 75,000  
  Total(tax not included) 345,000   Total(tax not included) 75,000

The total amount is a rough estimate. The total amount may differ from the actual contract.

Fire insurance fee is required at the time of contract.

The rent in advance may be calculated on a pro-rata basis for the current month plus the following month's rent.

Other fees, such as key replacement fee, may be required depending on the property.

Building Structure steel construction Number of floors/location 7 floors above ground and 1 basement floor / each floor
Year built September 1995 Reference number of tenants Approx. 2.3 persons
Current Condition hollow Expected move-in date consultation
Ceiling height Floor load
Air Conditioning existence (at the present moment) Electricity
Parking lot Mini: 11,000 yen, Regular: 12,000 yen/month (tax not included)
Contract Term Ordinary 2 years Type of Transaction agency
Main Facilities 東北電力・上下水道・LPガス・エレベーター
Each unit facilities Hot water supply, heating and air conditioning, flush toilet, storage, shoe box

Renter's compensation insurance premiums are not included.
Rental guarantee company subscription required (Arc Rent Guarantee, 100% of the monthly total)
Consumption tax not included
*Lock replacement fee: 15,000 yen (tax not included)
Water charges: meter reading billed once every two months
*Electricity and gas direct contract
Parking space: 1 month deposit, number of spaces to be confirmed

*The number of occupants is calculated as 3 tsubo/one person

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List of monthly parking lots for Izumi-ku





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